Job Description
Bailey Farms International is expanding operations at our Bear River City hay processing facility and is looking for a full-time mechanic/maintenance person. The following skills/degrees are required: Degree in diesel mechanics or a minimum of 5 years experience in a diesel mechanic work environment or automotive repair shop. Additional skills required include basic understanding and knowledge of airbreak systems, electrical systems/wiring, and hydraulic systems. General welding and fabrication is a must.
Successful candidate will be responsible for service and maintenance of trucking fleet, which includes diesel tractors, trailers, chassis, etc. In addition this person will be responsible for mechanical diagnostics and repair on other mechanical equipment including farm equipment, loaders, forklifts and other machinery as required; as well as assisting with diagnostics and repair of hay press machinery, conveyors, etc.
This person should have the following qualities: good people skills, dependable, organized, ability to work well with others, hard working, energetic, be computer literate, and have a commitment to getting the job done right the first time.
Minimum starting salary will be $40,000 p/year and will be negotiable based on the skills and abilities of the applicant.
Please email resume to Travis.Dyreng@Baileyhay.com

Don't Be Fooled

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